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5 Great Romantic Walks in Europe


There are some walks that transport you back in time and make you feel glad to be alive with romantic places. Places that are untouched by industry and have a natural beauty that finds its way into your heart and engraves its memory into it forever.

Europe is full of these walks, with its natural beauty and charm. Here are some of the most stunning and romantic places to walk in Europe.

  • Kerry, Ireland

First romantic places is Ireland has such a rich heritage, it is hard not to get sucked in to its history and be envious of some of the most picturesque rural landscapes in the world. Kerry is a place that looks like it has escaped from an 18th century novel, with gorgeous wet hills that are atmospheric and haunting. The mountain landscapes make for a great escape, and the pubs by the sea are to be found and never forgotten.

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  • Cheviot Hills, Northumberland, UK

Second romantic places is The Cheviot Hills are a great example of Britain at its most stunning, remote and romantic. These giant hills are a sight to behold and climbing to the top of them is a rewarding experience as you can stare over the postcard landscapes and rivers of ancient and beautiful Northumberland. Keep an eye out too for some rare wildlife including the elusive otters and a variety of birdlife.

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  • Kastelli Kissamos, Crete

third romantic places is Crete is a land of Gods, myths and legends, and to step foot on Crete soil is to feel transported to an ancient world. The gorges of Crete are spectacular and daunting, as you can feel surrounded by the enormous mountainous rocks and landscapes. The Sirikari Gorge is famous and popular with walkers, and for good reason. But there are lesser known and equally romantic areas of Kastelli Kissamos to explore, with lesser-trodden coastal paths and haunting cemeteries to explore on your travels.

  • Chamonix, France

Fourth romantic places is Chamonix is a high mountain town that feels epic just to stand in it. It is extremely popular for ski holidays and for rock climbers, with some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in France. One of the most popular sights to see from Chamonix is the grand Mount Blanc, and there are great walks that will take you to some superb look-out points. There are walks around these sites that are suited for intermediate and advanced walkers, but with sights like Mount Blanc, it’ll be worth it.

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  • Amalfi Coast, Italy

fifth romantic places is The idyllic Amalfi Coast holds the prestigious moniker of “Footpath to the Gods”, and it more than lives up to its name, with stunning coastal views that will take your breath away as you take your stroll through beaches and hills with a thousand miles of sky and sea as company every step of your travels. Amalfi itself has beautiful churches and buildings to explore and admire. It’s definitely true what they say: The Italians really know how to catch your eye.