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Experiencing History while Hiking at Leesylvania State Park


Do You Know Leesylvania State Park in America?

Ok, Day hikes can be fun and educational. Whether you are a new or avid hiker, you should take advantage of experiencing short hikes in your area and during your travels to other locations.

My son and I recently hiked the Lee’s Woods Trail Hike at Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge, Virginia. The trail was about 2 miles long and was rated as moderately difficult.

Leesylvania State Park

The trail was less than a 45 minute drive from my home. We discovered it when doing a search for local hiking spots on my EveryTrail Pro Experiencing History while Hiking at Leesylvania State Park Android app. What caught our attention was the Civil War era ruins located along the trail.


The short trail was full of historical sites and information. Here are just a couple of the highlights:

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Freestone Point battery

This is the location where General Robert E. Lee ordered a blockade of the Potomac, hoping to cut off water access to Washington, D.C. It was used by the Confederates to blockade the Potomac River from October 1861 to March 1862. The Civil War naval canon at the site is similar to the ones used during that time.

Lee and Faiirfax Home Sites

The home site of Henry Lee II (Grandfather of Civil War General Robert E. Lee) was seen on the trail with a cornerstone of the house remaining.

The land was later sold to the Fairfax family. Included at the site of the Fairfax homestead was a restored chimney that was part of the 1825 Fairfax House.


Sightseeing was not limited to the historic sites. There was wildlife all around us. Wildlife we saw while walking the trail included:

  • Osprey
  • Deer
  • Fox

We enjoyed hiking the Lee’s Woods Trail. Our future plans include returning to Leesylvania State park to walk the other available hiking trails.

What trails are near you for doing a day hike?

Do some research and then get out and enjoy nature while getting some physical exercise. You might even learn about history if there are sites on the walk like I just experienced.