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Why you should visit Fundy


FundyIf you’re looking to reconnect with nature and feel ready to try somewhere new on your next overseas break, here are just a few good reasons why you should be booking flights to Canada to visit Nova Scotia’s incredible Bay of Fundy.

Thrilling Adventures

If you laugh in the face of sea-sickness, why not put your iron constitution to the test with a spot of ‘tidal bore rafting’ at the Bay of Fundy, home to some of the world’s highest tides. Twice a day, a wave of water known as a tidal bore forces its way upriver, transforming its peaceful waters into a raging torrent of rapids. Extreme thrill seekers should plan a trip around the lunar cycles – waves are more intense around a full moon!

Funday also caters superbly to walking and hiking enthusiasts, from short jaunts to challenging multi-day excursions along the stunning coastline. Cyclists, too, can enjoy a range of options, from quiet country roads with coastal vistas to challenging wooded trails.

Wonderous Wildlife

For lovers of the natural world, The Bay of Fundy offers one of the most diverse greatest ecosystems to be found anywhere on earth. Whale spotters in particular are in for a treat with varieties such as minke whales, finback whales and majestic humpback all visiting the Bay throughout the summer months.

Bird-watchers will be in heaven too, as the shores of the Bay are a feeding ground to many species of rare birds, from Sandpipers to a flourishing Bald Eagle population.


Rocking History

The powerful Bay of Fundy tides have, over the course of hundreds of millions of years, created one of the world’s most unique and fascinating coastal terrains.

A geologist’s dream, the Bay is a renowned hotspot for the discovery of semi-precious stones, fossils and dinosaur bones. Every year, amateur archeologists from across the globe arrive at the Bay of Fundy to see what history they can dig up for themselves!

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Delicious Dining

Bay of Fundy cuisine is not to be missed! As you’d imagine, seafood is a particular specialty, with restaurants and inns serving locally-caught lobster, scallops, mussels, smoked salmon, and other tasty fish all fresh to the platter.

Some of the best Nova Scotia wines are derived from grapes grown from the rich soils surrounding the Bay of Fundy – many of which have received international recognition for their quality and distinctiveness.

Be sure to visit the Bay’s numerous farm markets and sample the traditional harvests of wild blueberries and maple products, plus a variety fresh fruit and vegetables. Adventurous diners may even wish to sample Fundy’s popular edible seaweed snack, dulse!

Fundy is easy accessible, with plenty of access via road, rail and air. Although Moncton International is probably Fundy’s closest airport, it’s worth looking at the flights that go to other Canadian airports, especially if you are visiting from abroad.

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