Paint Colours For Hamptons Style Decorating

Hamptons design is distinguished by outdoor masculine characteristics such as majestic columns, gables and ox-eye windows, outdoor walls wrapped in shingles or weatherboards, while the interiors contain exquisite marble and luxurious furniture. It's the ultimate coastal-luxury combination.

The Choice Of Colours For A House

Many people think painting in the house is a huge commitment, so many of us choose to paint white or neutral tones walls. But colour is one of the easiest ways to bring personality to a home, and whether it's on walls, in furniture or decorative pieces, colour changes effortlessly once you start seeing the same shades.

How To Select The Paint Colour Scheme For A Hamptons-style Home?

A simple colour adjustment in one area to a classic Hamptons colour palette of soft white and natural accents may change the whole look and brighten some rooms. However, choosing the ideal white colour for your home can be tricky. So put together a selection and do some testing in the light available, whether natural or artificial.

The essential colour palette for interiors, detailed in depth below, is:

  • Soft blues and greens.
  • Neutral greys.
  • Stone and sand.
  • Whites; a bit warmer.

The trick when utilising primary colour is to include layer accessories with lots of texture and complementary, subtle colours into decor items. Bringing the Hamptons look to your home doesn't cost the earth.

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Our Design And Style Tips

We've prepared some helpful recommendations to choose Hamptons-style paint colours to pick the right colours for your home.

Start At The Bottom.

When creating a colour palette, it's a good idea to think first about your flooring. Your flooring influences your colour selections greatly and in turn affects how you employ textures, tones, accents and even artwork. Once you've chosen flooring, you can incorporate complementing or contrasting fabric colours for draperies and furnishings, tiles, rugs and other style items.

The Right Rug: 

Choosing a rug is hard, but if you get it right, it'll make a huge difference in your area.
Instantly change a room with the perfect carpet. Depending on the colour you choose, the room is given meaning, defined and made brighter.

Then Go For The Ceiling

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While the conventional white ceiling is trending, there are no hard, fast ceiling colour guidelines. A non-white top might attract the eye upwards, but darker tones can also enclose a room feel.

A good tip for house colour design is always to use matt finish when painting ceilings – gloss paint causes slight defects to shine through, making a seamless look very impossible.


Think Like An Interior Designer

Feel like an interior designer, bringing artwork to your living areas. Choosing the proper size, colour and style for your area will improve the look and feel by adding colour, texture and patterns.

Bring The Walls To Life

A fantastic method to unify your home's colour choices is to choose one colour for all walls. But if you can't resist utilising different colours, especially for specific borders, make sure they fit the tone. It's advisable not to utilise clashing colours, especially if they're in other home areas.

Add A Colour Accent

Put your signature on your Hamptons-style walls by accentuating pristine white paint and natural textures with coloured pops—whether traditional blue and white, a hint of duck egg blue, or maybe something bolder. A modest accent of colour might help you design a colour scheme for your home. Using a darker colour generally helps in house theatre or TV room.

Skirting Around The Theme

Skirting boards get lots of wear and tear over time, therefore choose lifetime enamel colour. White usually looks fine, but using light colours on the walls is a fantastic alternative for the baseboards. Below is the ideal Hamptons colour palette for interiors.


The Right Hamptons Style Colour Palette For Interiors

White Trims: 

A pristine white trim works great, but be careful how bright you choose your white. Keep in mind that a dash of grey and colour will usually provide better coverage. If you're building a Hamptons-type home, consider your trim style – architrave and baseboards. Many homes in this type also include chair-high wood panelling.

Soft greys:

Choose a grey, don't choose too dark. For a Hamptons style, the entire look should be light and airy.

Of sure, the accent in a darker grey, but the overall effect should be lighter. Consider whether you want warm or chilly grey. I normally like warm greys, nearly a greige, for Hamptons style.

Soft Blue/Greens:

Introduce some bright blues and greens with grey. For example, many Hamptons mansions choose a soft blue-grey for their outside eaves.

Navy Blue:

Navy Blue is the colour for you if you prefer the idea of stronger contrasts but want the Hamptons aesthetic. This colour works nicely for this style, whether in accessories, artwork or upholstered furniture and trimmed with white piping.

Furniture Painted In White And Black:

Limit the usage of natural wood furniture and, when possible, paint in white or black.
Keep some natural wood, especially with vintage pieces.
You want the furniture to look organic and evolved with a deliberate selection of fascinating items; otherwise, you risk making the house gimmicky.

A classic Hamptons style furniture is a timber dining table with white painted chairs and white painted table base, leaving the tabletop as natural timber.

Keep It Personal

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When choosing colours for your Hamptons-style home's exterior, there's no hard, fast guidelines. Colors for your home's exterior are a personal choice and typically depend on other existing home aspects, such as exposed bricks. Adding that important personal touch to your property may be as easy as adding colour pop to your front door and playing on your patio or porch with coloured pots.

Like the colours you chose for the inside, they should be the colours you like returning home every day.

If you're considering selling your home, it's always important to examine which exterior colours will attract most buyers.

Keeping your colours neutral will always enable potential purchasers to see the home as their new home fitting in a neutral coloured home.

The Right Hamptons-Style Colour Palette For The Exterior

A Hamptons-style façade captures the distinctive coastal atmosphere with exquisite roofs, cool colours, eye-catching weatherboards and lots of ornate trim.
Whether you're restoring an existing beach-style house or developing your suburban escape from the start, using the appropriate paint can reshape any home to reflect the exquisite Hamptons-style façade.

A Guide To Painting The Exterior Of A Hamptons-style Home:

Weatherboard Paint:

An eye-catching weatherboard façade combines the Hamptons-style home's two most important assets: colour and texture. Without the option of employing natural wood for a Hamptons-style surface, a cement-composite substitute like Linea weatherboard gives the wood structural aspect without the maintenance requirements. The Linea weatherboard is pre-printed for smooth paint application and a durable finish.

Coastal is the best colour muse in a Hamptons-style home. Relaxing neutrals in white, cream, linen, grey and blue remind us of the beach and suggest sand, sea and shell motifs. However, when employing these colours to create a coastal exterior colour scheme, colour contrast between your roofing, weatherboards and corner trim is vital.

If you wish to counteract a dark grey roof, use quiet greys or white for your roofing felt. Use the same colour as your roofing to highlight decorative components like corner trim, window trim and beamed ceilings.

How To Add Detail With Exterior Lighting:

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Outdoor space lighting, Hamptons-style, is often disregarded, yet it can offer so much appeal.
Outdoor lighting can be utilised in gateways, corners, porches and outdoor rooms as both a light source and ornamental embellishment.

Similar to corner trim, beams and window trim, your outdoor lighting colour will rely on the ultimate style and feel you're attempting to achieve.

If you've chosen to utilise contrasting colours for your roof, weather stripping and trim, your exterior lights can continue the same theme. If you choose an all-white façade, you can utilise the same white hues for outdoor lighting fixtures.
Use black or very dark grey for your outdoor lighting case to accentuate dramatically. A flat matte black looks wonderful at all types of residences, including the coastal or modern exterior.

Have Some Luxury Outside

A beaded chandelier over your outdoor table provides a huge wow factor and is a terrific way to combine this beautiful coastal architecture.

The Hamptons design is a wonderful classic appearance that will last over the years.
If you feel like you're straying into a total coastal appearance, reconsider or go with it since instead of imitating a style faithfully, always go with what you prefer and what complements your home and locale.

If you're willing to engage a professional painting team to paint your property in a traditional Hamptons Style – Brisbane Painting Pros is the team we can highly recommend.

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