Making Attractive Preview Images for Videos on YouTube

Making a captivating YouTube thumbnail is crucial in today's digital era if you want to attract viewers and build a subscriber base. It's challenging to be noticed when billions of videos are already uploaded to the site. Yet, with little effort and imagination, you can create thumbnails that will grab people's attention and bring new viewers to your channel.

Here, we'll teach you how to make captivating thumbnails for your YouTube videos to stand out from the crowd. We'll go over some best practises for thumbnails across multiple devices, including how to select colours, fonts, and images. Follow our advice, and you'll be able to make thumbnails that get more people interested in your channel and watching your videos. Let's dive in right now!

Choosing Color Schemes for Your Thumbnails

Using the proper colour palette is crucial when you're trying to develop captivating YouTube thumbnails. The colours you use for your thumbnail will significantly impact how appealing it is to visitors and whether they decide to click on your video or not.

You should think about the subject matter of your video and the feeling you want to evoke when choosing a colour scheme for your thumbnail. If you're making a lesson video, for instance, using contrasting colours might help viewers focus on what's most crucial. A video with a more artistic or creative tone could benefit from the use of pastel hues. Make sure that the colours you chose complement one another rather than clashing.

While making thumbnails, it's also important to use colour theory. Using colours that are diametrically opposed on the colour wheel (i.e., those that sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel) may provide a visually appealing contrast between different aspects in your design, which can help your thumbnail achieve the desired appearance and feel. Avoid using a plethora of colours, since this will make your thumbnail harder to see and look less professional.

Lastly, while selecting a colour scheme, remember to consider everyone. If you want people with visual impairments to be able to read the text in a thumbnail, you need to make sure that the text stands out clearly against the backdrop and that there is enough contrast between the various aspects. If you want your YouTube thumbnails to attract more viewers and get more clicks, use an eye-catching colour scheme to highlight the most compelling parts of your videos.

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Using Fonts to Make Your Thumbnails Stand Out

When designing catchy YouTube thumbnails, it's crucial to give thought to the fonts used. Choosing a readable typeface that fits your brand and the vibe you want to convey for your film is crucial. In addition, you should use a sizeable font that can be easily read on any screen, including smartphones.

Use a typeface for your thumbnail that stands out and grabs the reader's attention. If you want your YouTube video to stand out, choose a bold typeface like Impact or Arial Black for the title and description. Open Sans and other sans serif fonts are also excellent options because they are contemporary and simple to read.

Choose ornamental typefaces like Lobster or Pacifico if you want your thumbnail to stand out. Using decorative typefaces, you may make your video's thumbnail stand out from the crowd. However, remember that fancy typefaces should be utilised sparingly, as doing so might detract from the overall meaning of your thumbnail.

If you must use more than one font in a single thumbnail, stick to no more than two. Using two typefaces complimenting one another will create visual harmony while keeping the message's various parts distinct and easy to understand. Furthermore, keep the font size uniform so that readers can easily make out every word, regardless of the screen size or resolution of the device they're using.

Creating captivating YouTube thumbnails requires a combination of intriguing and readable typefaces to attract viewers' attention and entice them to click on your video.

Incorporating Images into Your Thumbnails

Images catch the eye and liven up what might otherwise be a boring preview. Think about the feeling you want the audience to have from your thumbnail. What emotions do you want your audience to feel? Images you choose in your film should complement its overall mood and convey its subject matter quickly and easily.

Including a picture of yourself in the thumbnail is a smart idea if the video stars you. It's a great way to engage with your audience and set your video apart from the competition. Another technique to grab people's attention is to use text overlays on your thumbnail image. If you want your text overlays to stick out even more, you may include emojis or other bright visuals in them.

Images used as thumbnails should be of good quality, with fine features, so that they maintain their professional appearance when reduced in size. In order to avoid blurriness on mobile devices and bigger monitors, check the quality of any stock pictures or images you want to utilise. When utilising photographs from other sources, be aware of copyright regulations; it's safer to buy photos from established companies than to risk getting them for free from the internet.

More views and clicks on your YouTube videos may be achieved by putting relevant images in the thumbnails. Use these guidelines to craft captivating thumbnails that will persuade people to click through and watch.

Optimizing Thumbnails for Different Devices

Considering how your YouTube thumbnail will look on various devices is vital before finalizing it. Your video should be tailored for maximum visibility across all platforms, from desktop computers to mobile phones.

The best-quality image can be used as a thumbnail for many devices. This will guarantee that the thumbnail will appear clear and undistorted on all devices, from desktop monitors to mobile phones. You should also use a size suitable for desktop and mobile devices, such as 1280 x 720 pixels.

Most users use their phones in portrait mode, so your thumbnail designs for mobile devices should follow suit. When developing your thumbnail's text, strive for a minimum font size of 24 points, as larger letter sizes tend to function better on smaller displays.

Next, try out different backdrop colours or textures if you intend to have photos or text overlap each other in your thumbnail design. This will assist in making sure the design is legible even when seen on a smaller screen by preventing the overlapping components from blending too much.

Experimenting with Different Thumbnails for Maximum Reach

The easiest way to figure out which thumbnail will appeal to your audience is to try a few different versions. If you want to see what kinds of material your audience is interested in, try switching up the images and text overlays in your videos and seeing what happens.

Making a few slightly different versions of your thumbnails and comparing how they perform is the greatest method of conducting A/B testing. If one of your thumbnails does very well relative to the rest, you may switch to using it as the main image for your movie. This customised thumbnail may be used in other advertising materials like social media posts or emails to boost interaction further.

Click-through rate (CTR) and views per impression (VPI) for each thumbnail should also be tracked (VPI). Metrics like these might help you figure out which thumbnail styles are most effective at generating interest from your target audience.


In this piece, we looked at some of the most important factors to consider when designing engaging YouTube thumbnails. With this knowledge in hand, crafting eye-catching YouTube thumbnails that appeal to your target demographic should be a breeze. Don't be shy about showing off your creative YouTube thumbnails in the comments; we want to see them all!

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