You and Your Family Made the Right Choice by Getting a Dog

You and Your Family Made the Right Choice by Getting a Dog: We always recommend that you adopt rather than buy a puppy because we have so many puppies and dogs in our care who need loving homes (and we will help you find the perfect dog). Prior to purchasing from a breeder, take into consideration the following factors.

Is there a dog that would be an excellent fit for you and your family?

Before you go out and get a puppy, think about what breed of dog will suit your lifestyle. Check out our suggestions to see what kind of dog might be best for you and your family.

Purchasing a Pup from a Breeder

When it comes to advertising and selling breeding puppies, dealers utilise the Internet. We receive 87 per cent of puppy trade queries for animals acquired online. Follow our suggestions to recognise rogue breeder adverts.

are you prepared to get a dog
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Always examine the mother and her puppies together, and never buy a puppy if you have worries about the breeder or the circumstances – by purchasing the puppy, you are merely supporting the breeder’s unlawful activity. Please continue reading for our best tips on locating a reliable breeder.

You can avoid being a victim of puppy trafficking by signing a puppy contract. When it comes time to acquire a puppy, having this guide will give you the peace of mind you need to make the right choices for your new best friend.

Puppies for sale in your area

When purchasing a puppy, please make sure that it is a healthy, happy animal from a reputable breeder. Puppies are being bred at an alarming rate and in deplorable conditions on farms across Europe, then sold to homeowners in the UK.

These ostensibly normal-looking residences serve as a display for unscrupulous puppy sellers who want to sell you a sick and traumatised puppy. But what warning signals should you be on the lookout for?

How to tell if a puppy trader’s web ad is genuine.

Caring for GoldfishWhen it comes to advertising and selling breeding puppies, dealers make good use of the Internet. Eighty-seven percent of our calls to puppy sellers involve animals obtained on the Internet.

If you want to buy a puppy, carefully read the ad and look for the following red flags:

The same phone number appears in multiple advertisements; try Googling the number to check if it has been in other ads for pups.

Descriptions may have been copied, pasted, and reused in several adverts; try Googling the text to see whether it has previously been used verbatim.

Words like “miniature” and “teacup” may indicate that dealers attempt to profit from mainstream jargon.

Photos of the puppies may have already appeared in other advertisements. Right-click the photo, choose “Search Google for Photos,” and see whether it was previously used in other advertising.

Vaccinated at a young age: If the ad states that the puppy has been vaccinated, find out how old it is. Vaccinating a puppy before it is four to six weeks old is impossible. Someone who advertises a vaccinated three-week-old dog is lying.

If a pet passport accompanies the puppy, it was most likely imported.

Is it true that they are Kennel Club registered?

Be wary of dealers who claim to be registered with the Kennel Club to appear credible. Before purchasing a puppy, request the original documentation and check with the Kennel Club.

Promises such as “free insurance” and “puppy packages” do not imply that the ad is from a reputable breeder.

Are you prepared to get a dog?

Puppies can be cute, enticing bundles of joy. On the other hand, growing pups require a lot of care and a planned daily schedule, which might be especially difficult if your life is a whirlwind!

Before getting a puppy or dog, make sure you care for them and provide them with a happy, healthy life. In order to decide whether or not you’re ready to make such a long-term commitment, answer the following questions.

According to a Kennel Club survey, 10% of puppy owners said they acquired their dog on the spur of the moment.

40% of those polled stated they bought a dog based on its appearance.

Only 10% indicated they got a puppy after determining whether or not it would fit their lifestyle – the most crucial element to consider!

A dog will be a valuable member of your family.

It’s critical to consider how a dog might affect your own life and whether your lifestyle is fit for having a dog. No matter how badly you want a dog, it’s not fair to him if you can’t commit to his requirements and care for him.


Is it possible for you to make the life of a dog happy?

Before purchasing a puppy, ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you can provide it with the best possible home.

Are you willing to commit to a long-term relationship?

Can you afford to keep a dog?

Are you sure you have enough room?

Have you allotted enough time?

Can you dedicate yourself to training your dog?

Can you keep your dog entertained?

Have you discussed this with your family?

Will you be able to console your puppy as he adjusts?

Will your new dog get along with your existing pets?

Are you ready to welcome the puppy?

Are you not prepared? Don’t be disheartened!

If you read through these questions and responded no to any of them, it’s possible that your situation isn’t currently suited for owning a dog. You may feel disappointed, but as a dog lover, you will recognise the value of owning a dog if you can prioritise its health and pleasure.

Your puppy will be well worth the wait, and if your circumstances have altered, we can assist you in finding your ideal four-legged companion.

The next step is to find the best dog for you.

After answering “yes” to the previous questions, you are ready to choose a healthy and happy dog.

After determining that your home and lifestyle are acceptable for having a dog, You must decide what kind of dog is best for you.

Choosing the proper breed is a critical decision.

It is critical to conduct research to choose the dog most suited to you, your family, and your lifestyle. It can be challenging to choose a breed when so many to choose from.

Conduct your research.

Learn everything you can about the breeds you’re interested in. Learn about the positive and negative aspects of the breeds you’re thinking about.

Meet several breeds in person (Discover Dogs and Crufts are good places to discover dog breeds).

Consult with friends or family members who already own a dog.

Each breed has at least one breed club to contact for further information.

Consider the following characteristics:





Dog breeds that do not moult



Endangered indigenous breeds

Is this breed suitable for children and pets?

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